Our company is an extension of a group of companies between Lebanon, Dubai and Turkey. It is made up of professional consultants and a variety of integrated disciplines. Access is one of the specialized consulting firms and has a distinguished expertise in development, training and management consulting.

Why Access Danişmanlik:

Provide superior care to our clients' requests while keeping their business confidential.
A professional team of consultants and specialists.
High quality services at competitive prices.
We work closely with our clients and help with our analysis to mitigate risks and seize opportunities.

Our vision:

A leading consulting, development and capacity building company in the investment and management fields worldwide.

  • The Quality
  • Precision
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • The Responsibility
  • Credibility
Our Evolution:

Our desire for expansion, specialization and excellence in the field of consultancy, training and training makes us seek to form a team of distinguished consultants and start to expand in different geographical areas, making us an integrated scientific and technical force, which earns our services diversity.

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Feasibility studiesDownload

Strategic studies

Development of organizational structure

Develop management oversight & performance evaluation

Customer service development

Plans to diversify sources of income

Plans and programs to face competition

Plans to enter new markets or control a particular market share

leading businesses

Assistant and training of entrepreneurs

Training and development

Rehabilitation of administrative cadres and make them compatible with modern changes

Preparation of marketing plans and measurement of sales variables and consumer trends

We hope to be a great added value to our clients in terms of providing technical and financial advice to them and to be a step in the way of development and prosperity of their business through our specialized advisory staff


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